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Customer Appreciation

We get a lot of great people that come through the shop on the daily. Sometimes we remember to document these times… most the time we don’t.

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Get Ready…

With the release of Straight out of Compton the demand has increased for those iconic LA sports jackets. Check out our Raider Jackets in stock and see some of our other vintage Starter jackets or hit us up and we can let you know when we get new inventory.    

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JERSEYS: The perfect summer staple

We at Boardwalk Vintage have a sort of affinity towards 90s era streetwear style. We grew up in the 90s, going to raves,  where hiphop, breakdancing & graffiti was part of the daily past time, and vintage sports-wear was just part of the basic uniform. When I was asked to style, Deina Andreou, a London-based…

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